Over the years we've seen countless impressive reconstructions by pop culture fans, ranging from Wolverine's claws, Avengers: Infinity War's Thor Stormbreak hammer to Batman's grappling hook. The youtuber Jake Laser revealed, in an extensive video, how he built and donned a suit just like Iron Man's “Silver Centurion” armor. The latter, foldable, fits in a briefcase. As you may recall, Tony
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The manufacturer of many video games Activision Blizzard has decided on the layoffs of 190 employees , about 2% of its workforce. Among these, 50 workers come from the eSports section : it seems that one reason for the mass layoffs is the lack of live events to organize. In this scenario, it appears that CEO Bobby Kotic has received a $ 200 million bonus. About 190 layoffs for Activision Blizzard
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How To Steal A WordPress Theme remember this is for Educational Purposes only. 1st Step: Locate a site you adore the theme of. 2nd Step:View Source. (make sure it is wordpress) 3rd Step: locate Url: site.com/wp-content/themes/THE-THEME 4th Step: Input ".zip or .rar" after "THE-THEME" resulting "THE-THEME.ZIP" IF NO LUCK TRY 5th STEP. 5th Step: Change url to
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Among the most anticipated announcements of BlizzCon 2021 , in addition to the release dates of Diablo 2 , Hearthstone and World of Warcraft, we find the sequel to Overwatch , Blizzard's team shooter. In fact, Overwatch 2 had already been announced at BlizzCon 2019: the tragic events of 2020 have weighed on Blizzard's production schedule, making the release period of the expected sequel to the
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Remember Pokémon Diamond version and Pokémon Pearl version , the first main series games released for the Nintendo DS in 2006 ? Well, the two titles that kicked off the fourth generation of Pokémon games are back in action with a remake that honors video games from 15 years ago. A dream come true for fans, who should see the new titles arrive in time for next Christmas . To celebrate the 25th
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