The controversies, in the cinematographic field, about controversial characters do not subside. The last to pay the consequences was the character of Pépe Le Pew (known in Italy as Pepé la Puzzola), excluded from the film Space Jam 2: A New Legacy . Yet, the legendary Pepé had been one of the protagonists of the 1996 Space Jam film , the one with Michael Jordan and other Looney Tunes
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Those who like to do things right and care about the good looks of the images they publish (not like me who in this blog where I certainly can't boast of the graphic quality), can take advantage of some online tools that make it easy to create new posts. To write a catchphrase on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, to create a profile cover, to make a personalized image on your blog or personal
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The more followers a brand has across social media channels, the further their message can reach, giving brands the opportunity to engage with a wider audience and create an even larger loyal following. Since most fans like to win prizes and be recognized, one simple way a brand can gain more followers is to offer competitions across their social channels. Competitions should always adhere to the
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