Over the years we've seen countless impressive reconstructions by pop culture fans, ranging from Wolverine's claws, Avengers: Infinity War's Thor Stormbreak hammer to Batman's grappling hook. The youtuber Jake Laser revealed, in an extensive video, how he built and donned a suit just like Iron Man's “Silver Centurion” armor. The latter, foldable, fits in a briefcase. As you may recall, Tony
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Perhaps the number one , if we ignore the slogan of the application ( Best Download Manager for Linux ). In any case, flareGet , is a full and intelligent download manager, noted for its speed , by using a robust dynamic segmentation algorithm (the download is divided into segments in order to increase the speed), and include HTTP pipelining speeding each segment, up to six times. FlareGet
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I dont know about you guys but when windows 8 first came out i was excited , i had a old hp pavilion sitting down in my porch enjoying the fresh caribbean breeze stealing my neighbors WIFI. lol . i saw the article and then not long after a update was upon me. ofcourse my internet was too slow to download it fast. my neighbor's internet was like 1mb download speed. anyways. were getting side
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Tips to Make Working with Your Android Phone Better experience in 2021 If you have an Android smartphone, you probably already know that it has a ton of fun and useful features. Making use of those features has the potential to make your life quite a bit easier, too. The following are some of the simplest things you can do to make your phone work just the way you want it to work. Ringtones for
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We present a collection of 10 tips and hidden features of iOS 7 that changed everything leading up to 14. in March to make the most of the new Apple’s mobile operating system. 1. Close 3 applications simultaneously There is a way to close up to three applications simultaneously: press home button twice, then you can use three fingers instead of one to slide upwards to three applications at once
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Usually I use Tor with Firefox through Torbutton extension , with Vidalia and Polipoas web proxy, but a couple of days to open the browser I found the following message: “ Differently Torbutton works now: you can not turn it off any more … If you want to keep using Firefox normally, You Should Torbutton uninstall and download Tor Browser Bundle ”which warned that for security reasons, and
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Are You Looking To Copy The Mashable Style? Since Mashable started growing bigger and bigger taking over the media With a lot of Tech and Social Media updates people have been making numerous amounts of clones and plugins that makes their site almost like an alternative to Mashable. Here I’m going to list 5 ways you could get your site to look a lot like Mashable. Sparkle Magazine Theme created
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Some time ago circulated around the web a trick that allowed to see pictures of who we are not friends on Facebook . As usual with this type of error was quickly fixed by the developers and we were without that opportunity, at least so far. Recently came to light a new trick to see private photos of Facebook without being friends through which we can view the private photos of all persons without
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When I was thinking as a starter this input was not really a way to describe exactly the object of it, and I could think of were very long, the type … On the side bar to share on social networks Sidebar to share slipping while reading the input Sharing Bar like they have in Mashable And although all possible descriptions worth opted for the latter, I think you will understand me, and but visit
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The last redesign of the site Mashable among its new features, the Velocity Graph ! This indicator appears at the top right of all sections of the site Mashable , on the same line as the sharing buttons social networks. The Velocity Graph is what? according to the InfoWindow this overview of the graph, the “ Velocity Graph shows how fast people share the article on the social networks
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