Help! Weird Name Files in My WordPress Directory! – here’s why strange files and directories in your WordPress directory You may have been hacked, this happened to me a couple of weeks ago for the second time. what happened is i have been using the same an updated plugin for years, why? because there is non like it and to me it is the best and although i have no knowledge about coding and
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Nearly a year ago I wrote an article in which I commented Top 5 reasons why an entrepreneur should have a blog and today, I’ll give you some more reasons. There are still people who ask me if they should have a blog. Sure you should have a blog! And now you’re wondering … why would I need a blog if I can use social networks or the replicated website that provides my company to market my
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I have to admit, I’m happy every morning when I check my email and I have one that says: “ has canceled his subscription to“Experiences of a Networker” definitely “. In a way, these emails make me smile. But this was not always so. I used to obsess every time someone was low as a subscriber of my blog, or even any other list. Why would someone reading my Blog?
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“Do not listen to anything I said, but still, do what I told you.” All you know and all that I have said about blogs is completely, 100% wrong. And so, you’re doing it wrong. 6 Steps to blog the wrong way. Let’s start from the beginning. I like to read and people have told you that your opinions matter. Therefore, the next logical step is to start a blog and share those opinions with the
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Ever website owner needs to be familiar with the latest trends in the business world as this is the only way in which they can make their business and services known to the widest possible audience. Today, the Internet has provided one of the greatest means, where business owners can reach their targeted consumer within a short period of time and spending so little while doing so. As an online
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For those who have and develop a blog, there are a variety of objectives to be attained: to grow the blog, monetize, attract more and more readers, etc, etc. While the intention of setting goals is always a good thing, it is often much easier said than done. There are many factors that can distract a blogger’s path started to get that growth has outlined for his blog. However, it is not
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