New Tank Hero Ramattra Revealed for Overwatch 2

Ramattra background

With the launch of "Overwatch 2", many players are playing Overwatch again. Taking advantage of this momentum, Ramattra, the first new hero after the launch, will soon usher in. As a member of the omnic, is Ramattra also related to Iris ? Woolen cloth? Does it also have a dark side like Zenyatta ? The editor was very curious about these and asked the production team about it.

enter image description here

Ramattra bi-modal design

There is not much official information about the capabilities of this new character. What can be told to players is that it will have two forms , and this is the first time they have made such a design. One can perform some poke output , Has the ability to protect its teammates. And its other form will be larger , more threatening and suitable for forward attack.

![enter image description here

The official said that although Ramattra has two forms, the ultimate move is shared and will not have different ultimate moves in different forms. Enters Nemesis form when ulting , and it's terrifying! There's not much to discuss about Ramattra's output mode, but the production team told us that it holds a staff, which will attack with the staff when it is long- range output , and will use it to slam it when it is in Nemesis state. enemy.

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