Cloud Imperium Games invites all new pilots to try out the game for a whole week, and those who have already become full-fledged pilots to take a look at the new ships.

You can endlessly observe three things: how the water flows, how the fire burns, and how Cloud Imperium Games will not get Star Citizen out of alpha in any way, continuing to raise money for development. To get people to actively join the game, the company organizes in-game events like The Star Citizen Ship Showdown. This galactic celebration lasts a whole month and encourages players from all over the world to vote for their favorite ships. At the same time, players can support the vote with their creativity, creating an original video, recording a song, drawing a drawing and much more. The developers collect all this into one large creative archive, which you can familiarize yourself with on the site. In the second phase of the event, direct voting will take place.

To celebrate such an event, developer CIG welcomes new players with free access to Star Citizen, as well as free access to the last four Ship Showdown ships for both new and existing pilots. Those with any of the four ships with the most votes can also look forward to additional prizes, including an exclusive in-game skin and leather jacket.

The most popular ships of the event at the moment:

  • C2 Hercules
  • MPUV Cargo
  • 600i Explorer
  • Mercury star runner

The free trial period for new users started yesterday, September 20, and will last until 20:00 Moscow time on September 27. Players can vote for the best ship in the show on the event page until Wednesday, September 22nd, and the winning ship will be announced on Thursday, September 23rd.

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