The best Naraka Bladepoint characters

Who is the best Naraka: Bladepoint character? Since this new battle royale game allows you to choose your own Naraka hero, this may be one of the first questions you have to ask. Although the Internet is currently full of debates about roles, it is safe to say that all seven Nara cards: Blade Heroes have their own way. However, some Naraka characters are stronger, easier to play, or more useful than others.

Each Naraka: Bladepoint character has its own unique ability, giving you enough space to develop your own game style. We will briefly explain these unique hero skills below, but remember that these skills can be modified as you level up. Let us find the best Naraka: Bladepoint character for you!


  • Skills: Bundle prayer. Kuang San can connect himself with his teammates and heal them. Hold the skill to summon a light parasol and teleport to the target ally, while knocking back nearby opponents. Kuangsan can also use this skill to increase the attack power of her allies, and even resurrect them remotely.
  • Ultimate: Holy Ring. This healing circle restores HP and/or armor to all allies within its range. You can use instant recovery in the future instead.

As a professional therapist, Kuangsan is definitely one of the best Naraka: Blade characters. Although binding skills require some practice, Kuangsan can play a vital role in the survival of your team. However, the damage output of Kuangsan is very low, and it cannot attack when connected through Oath-bound Prayer. Therefore, Kuangsan is very dependent on her teammates. If you prefer single player games, it is best to find a different Naraka Hero.


  • Skills: Silent tremor. Teleport skills can finally be used together with the return mark and attack buffs.
  • Ultimate: Invisible wings. Matari enters incognito mode, making her transparent when she is moving and almost invisible when she is still. It also resets Silent Flutter and reduces its cooling time. Or, this invisibility wing may increase her damage when Matari is in a special state (for example, through a wall), or cast invisibility mode on nearby allies.

Matari is a highly mobile assassin, easily becoming one of the best Naraka characters in a single player game. Her damage is quite good, but mainly her mobility and surprise elements make her stand out. Naraka: Bladepoint is ultimately a survival game, so Matari’s ability to dodge attacks and almost invisibility is very useful. In particular, it is worth mentioning that Matari’s ult can be used to avoid Viperin’s ult, making her the strongest Naraku character of the two.

Yoto Hime

  • Skills: Soul Slash. Throwing a rotating blade can block incoming non-explosive projectiles and can also be used to quickly teleport to the enemy. The ability to teleport and slash can be replaced with the ability to block melee attacks.
  • Ultimate: Ominous Blade. Strike the opponent three times with the giant sword. The attack direction can be adjusted by the attack button. This ultimate version will also show your opponent’s health bar.

If you are looking for a powerful DPS, Yoto Hime is one of the best Naraka: Bladepoint characters. The timing and goal of her ultimate skill may be a bit tricky, but it’s easy to hit the opponent with a soul slash. As long as your opponents do not have the ability to avoid you immediately, they are doomed to fail. But pay attention to the ultimate attack of Tianhai and Viper.


  • Skills: God Bell. Create a shield to protect Tianhai from all physical damage and reflect the bullet back to the opponent. It can be modified to knock back the enemy or disarm the enemy using the blue focus.
  • Ultimate: Call of Titans. Turn Tianhai into a huge diamond pestle, capable of grappling and crushing the enemy. King Kong can also release shock waves. Can be modified to heal teammates and restore their armor.

Tianhai’s ultimate ability is usually considered to be overwhelming. However, although any enemies he caught in the King Kong state are basically lost, many experienced players can dodge his attack. If Tianhai is not in an open area, it is difficult to use King Kong. In other words, if you know when and where to use it, Tianhai has one of the best ultimate attacks. However, his skills are more friendly to beginners, because he can easily stop an upcoming attack just by pressing the button at the appropriate time.

Viper Ning

  • Skills: The Mystery of Yushan. Depending on your Viper Ning build, rapid explosions may interrupt blue focus attacks, other types of attacks, or HP recovery.
  • Ultimate: Twilight Crimson. Viper Ning enters the summoned state for 5 seconds, marks the enemy and finally stuns them. Can be modified to make Viper Ning less vulnerable during summoning.

As the first character in “Blade of Naraku: Blade”, Viperin is a balanced DPS and crowd control character. It is possible for her to stun multiple enemies at the same time, interrupt their attacks and give her team a chance to solve them quickly. However, Viperin’s vulnerability during ultimate summoning can be an obvious shortcoming, especially in single-player games. You must also make sure that Viper Ning can see her enemies (even if she is wearing a blindfold), otherwise Ultimate will not work on them.

Tarka Ji

  • Skills: internal fire. Enter a defensive stance to prevent melee attacks. Use the skill button again to counterattack and cast burning (resulting in loss of health and armor, and reducing HP regeneration). It can also be modified to block non-explosive projectiles, or to perform a fireball attack instead.
  • Ultimate: power outage. Thaka Ji set himself on fire, increasing his agility, and possibly using his attacks to cause burning. Power failure consumes rage (obtained by dealing damage) and will last until Takaji’s rage is exhausted. Can be modified to make the internal fire use energy instead of cooling time.

If you are looking for a powerful offensive tank in Naraka: Bladepoint, then Tarka Ji is your ideal choice. This defensive fighter can easily block the upcoming melee attack with his skills, and his ultimate skills turn him into a highly mobile DPS character. Its damage potential is not the highest, but compared with other Naraku characters, Takagi’s ultimate ability will last a long time. Remember that his skills require good timing, and more experienced opponents may avoid it.


  • Skills: Gentle Elf. Temulch jumped up and summoned three elf guards who could block non-explosive projectiles. Use the skill button again to shoot the elf guards at the enemy and trap them in the damage-causing whirlwind (each remaining elf lasts for one second).
  • Ultimate: Hefeng Prison. A huge whirlwind is generated around Temulch, slightly knocking back the enemy and blocking all ranged attacks. Every enemy entering or leaving Zephyr Prison will be slowed down. Can be upgraded to increase energy regeneration or restore the elf.

Temulch is an excellent defensive fighter, but he is usually not considered the best Naraka: Bladepoint character. Although he has a good defense against long-range attacks, it may seem redundant in personal close combat. Although his ultimate skills are particularly useful for enemies who rely on mobility, Viper Ning can be said to be a more suitable character for crowd control. In other words, Temulch can use his skills more frequently than other Naraka characters, allowing him to dodge, defend, reflect damage, and launch small beams as he pleases.

Simply choose the best Naraka: Bladepoint character for your game style and preferred game mode, and you are ready to smash your opponents (or customize it for a few hours first, whichever you prefer).

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