New rumor on Reddit claims that Battlefield 6 will be called 'Battlefield 2042'. Rumor is unconfirmed as of now. Two trailers that have not been leaked & not teased yet are finished and ready to go. - 20 years after Battlefield 4 (2024) - 64v64 seen and tested, will be announced on the 9th alongside everything else. - Crossplay not at launch, old-gen (Xbox One & PS4 can't handle it.
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The full Battlefield so-called teaser trailer is now in the opened and after scrutinizing it we have come to the conclusion that this was never the teaser trailer that EA was going to drop. the teaser felt more like a trailer to show off some things in the game eg. graphic fidelity and Setting being modern. the teaser trailer is nothing compared to any teaser trailer that dice have ever done and
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