VOID ACCELERATOR (OMNIC FORM) - DEFAULT » Left Click: Fires a projectile that advances in a certain shape. » Right Click: Create a barrier at the target location. VORTEX OF GLUTTONY - F » launch nano spheres. » It explodes on contact with the ground, creating a damaging force field. » Enemies within the force fields influence are pulled to the ground. » The movement speed of enemies under
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Among the most anticipated announcements of BlizzCon 2021 , in addition to the release dates of Diablo 2 , Hearthstone and World of Warcraft, we find the sequel to Overwatch , Blizzard's team shooter. In fact, Overwatch 2 had already been announced at BlizzCon 2019: the tragic events of 2020 have weighed on Blizzard's production schedule, making the release period of the expected sequel to the
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